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Foley & Puls market multifamily research and analysis

Customized Market Research

Each apartment research report is designed to meet the needs of the project and client.  Our unique methodology of multi-family research and analysis combines in-depth performance and demand analysis with essential micro projections developed over 30 years and proven on more than 580 projects.

looking ahead

Income Driven Demand

Our methodology creates a forward- view of a project’s potential by integrating intense research into market fundamentals such as inventory structure, rent increases, renter incomes and unit absorption data with projections of demographic trends and income-driven demand per unit type.

Multi-Family Development consulting

Development Consulting

Consulting services, including Product Line Development allows developers to draw on our experience in multi-family real estate to evaluate and deliberate their site and product decisions. Our experience can improve the project's potential to achieve pricing goals and sales/lease-up projections. 

Condominium Market Research

Garden Apartments

Garden/Low Density apartments represent a significant segment of our research projects. We can help you understand the motivation of the potential renters using our Income Driven Demand modeling to determine the optimum product mix and pricing strategy.

Condominium Market Research

High Rise/High Density Apartments

The complexities of a high-rise/high density apartment project requires a studied approach and proven methodology.  Luxury high-rises must be designed to provide the product high-end renters and buyers demand.  Foley & Puls has helped create winning strategies for projects across the US. 
Condominium Market Research

Condominium/For Sale Projects

 The level of profit on a For-Sale condo or Townhome project depends on sales velocity. This requires a different research and analysis than rental projects. We determine the target market and pricing structure, review the existing condo market to determine performance then perform an income-driven demand analysis to develop a target market.