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Multifamily For-Sale Project Market Research and Analysis

A For-Sale project requires different research and analysis than that of a rental project.  Because the sales velocity of a Condo or Townhome project is key to determining profit, determining the right target market and pricing structure is critical.  We review the existing condominium market to determine performance then perform an income-driven demand analysis to develop a target market.

Based on the project and client requirements, we create the appropriate report structure.  A typical engagement contains, but is not limited to the following:

  • Conclusion and Analysis of Project’s Potential
  • Assessment of the Best Condo Product and their Performance
  • Market and Subject Strength and Weakness Indicators
  • Market Analysis of New Construction Condo Units Closed/Not Closed
  • Market For-Sale Performance Analysis
  • Market Current Listings
  • Market Historical Closed Sales
  • Income-Driven Demand Analysis
  • Purchasing Power Modeling & Summary
  • Detailed Target Market Analysis of Household Incomes
  • Macro Demand Analysis
  • Job Growth Analysis
  • Economic & Employment Forecasts - Outside Sources

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